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CCIE Certification Training in Melbourne

CCIE Certification Training in Melbourne

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) is a technical certification offered by Cisco Systems. CCIE certification in Routing and Switching demands expert level knowledge of networking across various LAN and WAN technologies as implemented in a variety of routers and LAN switches. The Routing and Switching experts come up with solutions for complex connectivity problems and take the help of technology solutions to increase bandwidth, improve response time, security, maximize performance and support global applications. Various advance level concepts from describing Network Fundamentals, modularising the Network, applying the methodology to Network and Data Centre Networks are covered in the course of CCIE Certification. Few concepts which form a part of the curriculum are Design Remote Connectivity, Designing IP Addressing Scheme, Understanding Voice Network Design Considerations, understanding Wireless Network Design Considerations and evaluating security solutions for the network.
CCIE and Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) were established to help out the industry in distinguishing the top plane of Internetworking experts also to assess expert-level framework of network design skills worldwide. These are high-value certifications which are accepted generally by the industries as the most prestigious networking certificates. The CCIE and CCDE have attained a reputation of leading the networking industry in deep technical networking knowledge and is indulged in the most technically challenging network assignments. The expert-level certification program like these are updated continuously by revising its testing tools and methodologies to ensure and maintain the quality of a program, its relevance and quality are also revised from time to time.
These expert level certification programs set the standard for Internetworking experience through a diligent theory exam and a performance-based lab exam.
For now, the program is divided into six different areas of expertise. One can choose one or multiple CCIE expertise in various categories of CCIE. Which are, Routing and Switching, Service Provider, Security, Collaboration, Data Centre and Wireless. Routing and Switching is the most popular area of expertise.
Candidates applying for CCIE are supposed to pass a written qualification exam in first place with corresponding hands-on lab exam.
Certification of CCNP with 3 years of Networking Experience is required as pre-requisite for CCIE certification.
Two test sets for the requirements for certification are required are here:
1. Written Exam: 120 minutes of duration, 90-110 questions with multiple choice and simulation.
2. Lab Exam: One day 8 hours lab exam
Lab exam of CCIE Routing and Switching consists of a 2-hour troubleshooting section, 5 hours and 30-minute configuration section and a 30 minutes diagnostic section. This format varies for every expertise.
Candidates who do not pass the 8-hour lab exam must reattempt it within 12 months of their last scored attempt in order for their exam to remain valid. If one fails to clear the lab exam within three years of passing the written exam, he/she then must retake the exam before being allowed to attempt the lab exam again.
Skills that you will gain by the end of this certification are:
1. Structure and modularising the network
2. Evaluate Security Sections for the Network
3. Design remote connectivity
4. Apply a methodology to Network’s Design
5. Design basic campus and Data Centre Networks
6. Select rounding protocols
7. Describing Network Fundamentals

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